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Music mogul, Kenny Ogungbe , aka Baba Keke, has spoken about issues in the Nigerian music industry.
Speaking with Nigerian Celebrity Armed Wrestling, the Kennis Music boss stated that the most talented were no longer the most celebrated nowadays but the most syndicated.
“When we started, there was no Internet. We used to hawk our music at the back of our booth all around Lagos, but the internet is a phenomenon that we are all excited about and keying in now. If you are caught sleeping in this Internet age, you are gone. More stars are being made through the internet now. Talent is just 10percent while the hype is 90 of what is important to make an artiste now.”
Kenny Ogungbe
Baba Keke also spoke on how artistes frequently dump record companies, saying, “People used to mock us when started. When artistes started leaving our label to start their own, they mocked us even more and they blamed us. Now, those people are setting up labels everywhere and signing artistes; those artistes too are leaving them to set up their own record labels. When these artistes also sign up other artistes, the artistes will leave to set up labels. So, you can see that Kennis Music has been justified. At the end of the day, there is nobody that will not want to start his or her own thing. Tubaba has Digital Hypertek, and he is still my brother. We see often and Igo to his club.”

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