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Veteran musician, Professor Linkin, has criticised Tekno for failing to acknowledge him as the original owner of the song, ‘Kpolongo,’ which he sampled in his single, “Jogodo.”
According to Linkin, Tekno settled Danfo Drivers and shunned him.
Speaking with Saturday Beats, Professor stated, “Danfo Drivers are my friends and immediately the news broke that they had made peace with Tekno, I called them and asked why they did not tell him that I am the originator of ‘Jogodo.’ They gave me some excuses and claimed that the singer did not give them anything.”
He said he was not dead and didn’t expect any individual to take up his role.
“I am not dead, so why would someone want to take something I worked hard to get. I am the originator of ‘Jogodo’ in the whole world.
“I am the only one that can tell people the real meaning of the word ‘Jogodo’. I heard rumours that Tekno paid Danfo Drivers N2m.
Prof. Linkin, Tekno and Danfo Drivers
“As my friends, I asked them if it was true and they denied it. When I called to ask them, they said that he did not give them anything than apology.
“They claimed that they sat down, had some drinks, chatted and took pictures. If they are lying, God is watching them because I cannot read their mind.”


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